Mrs. Upasana Sah

Principal, Pace Junior Science College, Borivali

Our college mission, ‘To Provide quality education for better future’ has always been a guiding light for Pace College. The College has always nurtured, since time immemorial, a spirit of marching forward and keeping abreast with our ever changing society. Providing high standard in our education system and student centric approach has always been a prime concern for all of us. Here, in Pace to be a cutting edge in educational inputs, providing equal opportunity to all and including social and moral values , faith, hope, charity, grace and service is lead by each and every member of our family.

By the grace of the Almighty God, College has constantly managed to produce good results in Boards, Entrance Exam (Engineering & Medical) and different national and international scholarship exams. It has always stood firm in its beliefs since 2010 and has been incessantly striving towards learning and growth.