Mr. Praveen Tyagi

Knowing the value of quality education, Mr. Praveen Tyagi, Trustee at PACE Educational Trust transformed his ideas into realities by conceptualizing the Junior Science Colleges. His ideation includes the making of an interactive and interesting education process where students enjoy learning and professors enjoy teaching.

The year 2009 is marked as a milestone in the history of Maharashtra as the Government of Maharashtra permitted the commencement of seven Pace junior science colleges. Capitalizing the opportunity, Pace Junior Science Colleges came into existence and within a short span it emerged as the preferred choice of students.

PACE Junior Science College is a premier academy where education is not an activity but an experience to be lived, felt, relished and cherished. Our professors recognize, understand, appreciate and work on the intellectual level of each student in a well-planned manner. Students are taught all the subjects with in- depth knowledge and the course is completed in stipulated time without leaving any room for doubt. We offer a global approach not only to prepare the students for board exams but also to develop their interpersonal and professional skills.

our vision


To achieve world-class standards of Quality Education by keeping up pace with the changing Technologies & Teaching Methodologies for all the deserving and meritorious students irrespective of their caste, creed or financial status.


It is our mission to instill Passion, channelize Achievement, deliver on our Commitments and pursue Excellence in every Endeavor and we strive to pass this on to our students.